Saturday, February 7, 2009


I know I have been a total slacker with keeping up with the blog, Life has been nuts here recently!! I will make it my blogger promise to keep more current posts =)..

New this week:
  • Ryan's First hair cut =)
  • U/S appt to look at the placenta--(send some prayers our way)
  • The big bomb, Raf's court date... (once again send prayers)

Here are some pics of when my sister visited and Alexis 4th bday!!!

Ryan && my Sister

Gotta love that face

My sister, me && ryan

Alexis && Corey

Alexis && Aunty Jen

Alexis && her BFF Emily!



  1. umm, about time! great pics but where is the one of Ryan's new hair cut? Or has that not happened yet??

  2. We are getting there, we aren't having the best week so we might end up putting it off. I'll keep you posted!