Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hump day!

Today is Wednesday aka hump day (since the week is almost over) We had a very blessed past 2 days! Court turned out well, we go back in June, the drs appt went well. I may have updated some via email but I will repost the outcome of the appt..

We have our u/s with the specialist today and it was amazing seeing the baby in such high quality compared to just the routine machine. Baby looked great, blood flow was good, heart beat was 140's. Still did not ask for the sex =)

It was confirmed that I have a Circumvallate placenta, where the outside ring of the placenta curls and grows up instead of being attached to the wall like the rest of it. He did say that it is very low risk and dont let anyone convince me otherwise. I will have more ultrasounds throughout the pregnancy to watch the baby's growth because the entire placenta is not attached to the wall there is a chance that the normal flow of nutrients are disturbed which will cause the baby not to grow at a normal rate.. There is a slight chance that the curled area of the placenta can continue to grow up eventually detaching which would cause for an emergency c section but the risk is very low and they will be able to determine by the following ultra sounds the condition of the placenta.

Our next u/s is March, I will keep you all posted.. I am very glad that this turned out not to be as serious as the damn Internet said! lol

I just want to say thanks for those that have been praying and giving me positive thoughts the last week! Now that these 2 days are over we can focus on Ryan's hair cut! haha

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  1. ((kayla)) you know you are in my thoughts and prayers..glad things are okay for now.