Sunday, May 2, 2010

May 2010????

What? No way May 2010 is already here.... It seems like growing up you can't wait for the time to pass, now coming from a mother I want to stop time in its place. Julia is 10.5 months old now and she is the most wonderful child every imaginable. Alexis and Ryan are thriving and doing so well, they have a love/hate relationship but would be lost without each other. Over the last 7 months God and worked wonders and brought me to an awesome Small Group family and for them I will be forever grateful. My rocks when I need rocks, my shoulders when I need shoulds, they are always there even when facing problems of their own!! =)

I have also taken on a new endeavor- Thoughtfully Themed Parties

I hope these next few months I will have time for work and family and new adventures in my life while trying to overcome and learn to let go... When one door closes another one opens, yet its so hard to actually allow that door to close. Praying for all those that are struggling in life and need that extra prayer, you know who you are and you always are with me in my thoughts.. =)

On a better note, my baby sister will be getting MARRIED Jan 2011, I am sooo trilled and excited for her, she is awesome and she deserves the best!!!

Congrats Jennifer and Corey!