Monday, May 4, 2009

We finally did it....

We finally gave Ryan a BOYS HAIR CUT!!!!! I have held on to his long cirly hair for the last 21 1/2 months and it was just time for him to look like the handsome young man he is. I was ready for it to go as im sure he was. He can play without it all in his face or in on his neck, with the upcoming hot summer it was just time. He did very well, the lady that cut his hair was absolutly wonderful! He enjoyed playing with bubbles and watching Thomas on the tv while sitting in the firetruck seat. I took a lot of pictures in the last 6 months so I will always have memories of his beautiful curly hair. Here are some pics of his first "official" hair cut: (these were taken with my old camera.. lol)

Waiting for Ryans Turn

Playing with Bubbles

Sitting in the firetruck


MY big boy!

Handsome man!!


  1. He looks so handsome!

  2. Look, its Mini-Raf! LOL Love the new do!